The Solar

 What is the Aliaga Colonial House?

The 18th of January 1535, Francisco Pizarro, the Peruvian conqueror, founded the City of Kings (Lima) in the territories that had belonged to the "curaca" (indigenous chief) Taulichusco. Like it was used, after each Spanish founding the new territories where divided between Pizarro's trusted men or between the men that have achieved more goals and displayed more courage in the battles.

The Segovian captain, Jeronimo de Aliaga Ramírez, received a "solar" (site) next to Pizarro's own house (actual Government Palace) showing like this the great esteem that Pizarro had for him. During that same year, 1535, Captain de Aliaga starts to build the stately home that would house his family and descendents. Since then and until today Jeronimo de Aliaga's descendents have inhabited this same house making it the oldest house in the Southern Hemisphere inhabited continuesly by the same family.

Understandable transformed by earthquakes and fashion changes, the mansion has stood already five centuries, sharing therefore the same age as Lima.

Its Historic Value comes especially from three aspects: it is one of the first houses built in Lima, it belonged to one of the co founders of the city and conqueror of Peru and until today it is still inhabited by the descendents of this conqueror, a unique case in America.

On the other hand its artistic value comes from the beauty of its interior rooms, from the poetic and evocative atmosphere of its ambiences and from the original distribution of the house.

Walking through the beautiful salons of this house one can sense and be part of the History of Colonial and Republican Lima.

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